come on remind me why i hate the human race?


my fucking face   

Heyy, im Kayy/tiger/scrappy/stitch,
the nickname stitch has no relation to the cartoon,
it came about when people started to notice i had stitches most of the time.
i suffer from the muscle form of tourettes,
my head twitches casing my head to twitch
forward or to the side cauing me to
headbutt things,
some times my right knee
gives in and i fall,
and yes the twitches are painfull and if they arent,
what i fall on or headbutt is.
i suffer from mental illness and self harm issues. i am a "recovered" bulimic,
what recoverd means ill never know because i still have the days.
but hey we will all have days when we will struggle,
and i know those days seem like they are never ending,
but you know you have to try and stay possetive,
if not for yourself,
for me.
i allways here if you need a helping hand, im here for you,
my ask is open give me your number ill call you,
ill help you through,
you may not understand me through my stammer but i can try and help.
if you live in manc ill come see you,
and ill me sure im there to hold you.
stay posseve,
'cause i know i may not know you but i love you ^_^

Favourite fairytale ^^


Favourite fairytale ^^

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piercingbysaint come to the uk and put some kick ass crazy dermals in my skin.
35 piercings just aren’t enough for me :(.

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Pride was awesome. And lucy was amazing!

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Anonymous said: you're an awesome guy bro, stay strong

Thanks? Aha

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I want to explain to him how exhausted I am, even in my dreams, how I wake up tired, how I’m being drowned by some kind of black wave, but I can’t write, and he doesn’t really wanna know about it anyway.
Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation (via rudegay15)
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At heart, I have always been a coper, I’ve mostly been able to walk around with my wounds safely hidden, and I’ve always stored up my deep depressive episodes for the weeks off when there was time to have an abbreviated version of a complete breakdown. But in the end, I’d be able to get up and on with it, could always do what little must be done to scratch by.
 Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation (via wholelottaquotes)
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